Mariners Power Rankings Roundup: Week 3

By The Guru
Monday, Apr 17, 2017

Season Trend

Below is a graph of where the Mariners have ranked over the course of the season.

And here is what Power Rankers are saying about the Mariners this week:


Mariners ranked 24th - "The M's finished a big sweep of the Rangers with a ninth-inning comeback Sunday, but the story of the weekend was James Paxton's eight scoreless innings. He has started the season with 21 scoreless innings and has allowed a .113 average as he has been the best pitcher in baseball so far. -- David Schoenfield,"

USA Today

Mariners ranked 26th - "Can a pitcher lead the league in ERA-plus if he doesn't have an ERA? Asking for James Paxton."

Fan Rag

Mariners ranked 20th - "Mitch Haniger and Taylor Motter (new M&M Boys?) have M’s playing, well, mmm-better after a 1-6 start."

Bleacher Report

Mariners ranked 13th - The Bleacher report rankings commented on four teams this week. Your team was not one of the five mentioned. The write up includes other information, like MVPs of the Week, that make the write up worth the read for fans of any team.

Fox Sports

Mariners ranked 18th - "One Nice Thing: The M's bounced back from a bad start with a 4-2 week, including a three-game sweep of the Rangers.

One Not-So-Nice Thing: The toasted grasshoppers sold at Safeco Field are so popular they're selling out. Now the stand is putting an order limit on the insects. I, subsequently, have canceled my annual summer trip to Seattle. Is it too much for a man to want to enjoy a Rainer Beer (bless you, sweet Northwest nectar) and some grasshoppers and watch a light-hitting outfield decked in teal catch everything? Of course not. Go catch (and toast) some more bugs, M's."

Average ranking is 20.2 --> See where that puts the Mariners in our weekly Power Rankings!

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