Pistons Power Rankings Roundup: Week 10

By The Guru
Tuesday, Dec 27, 2016

Season Trend

Below is a graph of where the Pistons have ranked over the course of the season.

And here is what Power Rankers are saying about the Pistons this week:


Pistons ranked 20th - "The alarm bells sounded loudly in Motown early last week, when the Pistons responded to a players-only meeting by surrendering 69 points in the first half to the struggling Bulls and wound up getting throttled by 31 ... when Chicago was coming off of its own 26-point smoking by Milwaukee. Volume on the Pistons' struggles with ball movement and cohesion since the return of Reggie Jackson continues to rise, but coach Stan Van Gundy is openly scoffing at the notion that Detroit might start to shop Jackson in advance of the Feb. 23 trade deadline. Says SVG: "You can't be charting your organization's course based on 10 [bad] games when you went through 82 games and a playoff series.""

CBS Sports

Pistons ranked 20th - "It's like that arena gag where the guy takes off his over-shirt and is wearing an opponent's jersey underneath before the mascot hits him in the face with a pie. The Pistons took off their over-shirt and revealed they are that team where just nothing is going right this season. You can look at the Mavs and say they're old, look at the Wolves and say they're young. The Pistons' problems are far uglier right now. They have a better chance of getting it together, but the problems are inked in their team DNA right now and that's hard to find a quick fix for."

Sports Illustrated

Pistons ranked 19th - "The backslide here has been pretty remarkable: they’re 3–8 since Reggie Jackson returned, and have lost five in a row. The good news for Detroit is that most of their conference peers haven’t made a ton of headway, either."


Pistons ranked 19th - "After another epic rant on Monday and a false start (thanks to Jon Leuer's car accident) on Wednesday, Stan Van Gundy made his lineup change against the Warriors on Friday. And the Pistons broke out offensively and hung with the Warriors for 47 minutes before the Death Lineup put them away. The guy who was moved to the bench - Tobias Harris - was the guy who scored a season-high 26 points. Five straight losses where they've allowed 118 points per 100 possessions have pushed the Pistons into 11th place. The time to turn things around is now, because their next six games are within the Eastern Conference."


Pistons ranked 20th - "Losers of five in a row, but Stan Van Gundy broke out a new starting lineup on Friday, sliding Jon Leuer in and bringing Tobias Harris off the bench. Tough way to break that lineup in, against Golden State, but they hung close. It doesn’t get easier Monday against Cleveland. But after that comes a string of five games against other teams they are battling with to get into the playoffs — starting Wednesday against Milwaukee, Detroit needs to get back on track and rack up some wins."

Average ranking is 19.6 --> See where that puts the Pistons in our weekly Power Rankings!

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