Warriors Power Rankings Roundup: Week 10

By The Guru
Tuesday, Dec 27, 2016

Season Trend

Below is a graph of where the Warriors have ranked over the course of the season.

And here is what Power Rankers are saying about the Warriors this week:


Warriors ranked 2nd - "The Warriors insisted after their Christmas Day unraveling in Cleveland that the sting of failing to finish off the hosts won't last, but it's fair to wonder how quickly they'll be able to expunge the disappointment of losing a game they led for 41 minutes and trailed for all of just 42 seconds. Golden State had won its previous 166 regular-season games in which it had amassed a lead of 14 or more points in the fourth quarter, as well as 14 consecutive road games against Eastern Conference opponents. So much for the initial plan here to write about how the Dubs had quietly risen to No. 2 in the league in defensive efficiency heading into Cleveland."

CBS Sports

Warriors ranked 3rd - "The Warriors still have the league's best record, the second best offense and second-best defense. On paper, everything's great. But watching them, they do not have an air of invincibility. That matters, for them, and their opponents. They're going to have to earn it, and the Cavaliers just gained even more confidence in how they match up with the super-duper team. But the Warriors showed little of their full capability in terms of scheme. And now, back to winning 80% of their games."

Sports Illustrated

Warriors ranked 2nd - "Golden State took a punch in the mouth on Christmas Day. They’re still the scariest team in the league night in and night out, but they’re going to continue being judged relative to Cleveland. The good news is that a Jan. 16 rematch in Oakland is coming up fast."


Warriors ranked 2nd - "In the last two weeks, the Warriors have climbed from 10th to second in defensive efficiency. They're playing at an elite level on both ends of the floor and could still win 70 games again, with the ability to rest an MVP and still have the best two or three players on the floor most nights. But even if they win 70 again and cruise through the Western Conference playoffs, they're (probably) going to face their demons in The Finals. As they've lost four straight games to the Cavs, Stephen Curry has shot 37 percent, with 15 turnovers and only 10 assists, pulling a disappearing act on Sunday."


Warriors ranked 2nd - "This team can use Christmas as a motivation, and they know June series are not decided in December. Here’s why statistics — advanced, regular, whatever — can miss the reality of the Warriors: More than 20 percent of their time on the court this season has been in what statistically is “garbage time.” Those blowout fourth quarters — like against a good Utah team last week — warp the number, often toward the negative because the bench guys get all the run and they aren’t as good. The Warriors start a string of 9-of-10 at home."

Average ranking is 2.2 --> See where that puts the Warriors in our weekly Power Rankings!

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