Bucks Power Rankings Roundup: Week 10

By The Guru
Tuesday, Dec 27, 2016

Season Trend

Below is a graph of where the Bucks have ranked over the course of the season.

And here is what Power Rankers are saying about the Bucks this week:


Bucks ranked 12th - "The Bucks woke up on Christmas ranked tied for 10th in the league in offensive efficiency and No. 9 in defensive efficiency. Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the league's rising darlings, while Jabari Parker -- averaging 22.3 points per game in the best month of his career -- is making a stealthy All-Star push. All that stuff you heard last week about "rivaling" Cleveland is ridiculously premature, but the Bucks have been a fun (and welcome) story in a conference that could desperately use an infusion of frivolity, variety, etc."

CBS Sports

Bucks ranked 8th - "I'm not going to punish them for the back-to-back losses to Cleveland, especially with one in OT. Did you know that they're one of only four teams that are top-10 in both offense and defense? And their schedule is tissue paper until late January. Keep an eye out for Milwaukee."

Sports Illustrated

Bucks ranked 13th - "This is already just so absurd."


Bucks ranked 12th - "At 14-14, the Bucks are the only Eastern Conference team that ranks in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. And they'd have higher marks if Giannis Antetokounmpo could just play 48 minutes. They've been 15.4 points per 100 possessions better with Antetokounmpo on the floor than they've been with him on the bench. And they've been at their best with him on the floor with a couple of reserves. Greg Monroe has the highest rebounding percentage and second highest true shooting percentage of his career, Malcolm Brogdon threw down on both Kyrie Irving and LeBron James on Monday, and Antetokounmpo scored a career-high 39 points on Friday, with nine of his 12 buckets coming within five feet of the rim."


Bucks ranked 12th - "They lost both games of a home-and-home to Cleveland, but in doing so made everyone both respect them and want to see that as a first-round playoff matchup. If you want the bright side: The sign of a contender is being top 10 in offense and defense and the Bucks are there (one of four teams, although the Cavs will get there). The Bucks are 10th ranked in offense and ninth in defense, and their point differential suggest they should be 16-12."

Average ranking is 11.4 --> See where that puts the Bucks in our weekly Power Rankings!

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