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A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Max Carty has always cared (maybe too much) about sports. After years of wasting time bouncing around numerous power ranking websites, he decided to collect all this information in a single place and display it in an efficient and easy to digest manner. And so, in 2015, Power Rankings Guru was created. He commissioned his father to draw up a logo and a disheveled, amateur website was hastily launched.

Since then, the site has become the most comprehensive team ranking website on the Internet. We now collect power rankings from websites around the world and determine average rankings for over 720 teams across seven countries. Originally dealing with only Power Rankings, we’ve branched out and now aggregate win projections, playoff odds and championship odds. We’ve also become a leading resource on strength of schedule rankings for teams in the NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB.

As the amount of sports information available continues to skyrocket, Power Rankings Guru will continue to do what we originally set out to do. Aggregate information and display it all in one place. Please continue to check back with us, as we have many projects in the pipeline and are extremely excited about the future.

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