NFL Strength of Schedule Rankings

Updated Weekly

Our Strength of Schedule rankings represents the average difficulty of those opponents that each team has faced or will face during the current season. The strength of an opponent is determined by their ranking in our Aggregated Computer Power Rankings. A low opponent average ranking (opp avg) indicates a difficult schedule, whereas a high opponent average ranking suggests an easier schedule.

Strength of Schedule Played

Our Strength of Schedule Played shows the current average ranking for each opponent that a given team has faced to date.

1RedskinsNFC East5-812.0817
2BearsNFC North4-912.5723
3SaintsNFC South9-414.003
4VikingsNFC North10-314.055
5DolphinsAFC East6-714.2626
6LionsNFC North7-614.3815
7PanthersNFC South9-414.478
8FalconsNFC South8-514.729
9PackersNFC North7-614.8916
10GiantsNFC East2-1115.2529
11BuccaneersNFC South4-915.8820
12ChiefsAFC West7-616.6213
13RamsNFC West9-416.667
14RavensAFC North7-616.7112
1549ersNFC West3-1016.7730
16CardinalsNFC West6-716.7822
17BrownsAFC North0-1316.8232
18BroncosAFC West4-916.8525
19BillsAFC East7-617.0724
20CowboysNFC East7-617.3214
21EaglesNFC East11-217.381
22TexansAFC South4-917.6621
23PatriotsAFC East10-317.662
24ColtsAFC South3-1017.8031
25SteelersAFC North11-217.884
26JetsAFC East5-817.9428
27ChargersAFC West7-617.9611
28RaidersAFC West6-718.1719
29SeahawksNFC West8-518.726
30BengalsAFC North5-819.1527
31JaguarsAFC South9-419.3510
32TitansAFC South8-520.1818

Strength of Schedule Remaining

Our Strength of Schedule Remaining rankings show the average difficulty of opponents each team will face for the rest of the season.

1JetsAFC East5-85.4328
2BuccaneersNFC South4-96.8320
3RaidersAFC West6-78.8319
4PackersNFC North7-69.3716
5CowboysNFC East7-69.8014
6BengalsAFC North5-810.0327
7FalconsNFC South8-511.179
849ersNFC West3-1012.0330
9BrownsAFC North0-1312.5732
10GiantsNFC East2-1114.3029
11TexansAFC South4-914.6721
12PanthersNFC South9-415.208
13SeahawksNFC West8-515.376
14TitansAFC South8-515.5318
15BillsAFC East7-617.0024
16BearsNFC North4-917.0323
17CardinalsNFC West6-718.0022
18PatriotsAFC East10-318.172
19RamsNFC West9-418.837
20ColtsAFC South3-1019.0731
21SteelersAFC North11-219.074
22SaintsNFC South9-419.133
23ChiefsAFC West7-619.3313
24DolphinsAFC East6-719.7726
25ChargersAFC West7-619.8011
26BroncosAFC West4-920.6325
27EaglesNFC East11-220.771
28LionsNFC North7-621.1715
29VikingsNFC North10-321.175
30JaguarsAFC South9-423.7310
31RedskinsNFC East5-824.9317
32RavensAFC North7-629.2712